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Best garden features

Best Garden Feature Ideas Introduction


A well looked after garden adds a beautiful touch to your house.  However, if you want your garden to stand out then you may want to consider these best garden feature ideas.  Gardening is a hobby for those who love plants and want to live in fresh and clean air. A beautiful garden is not only a place that adds beauty to your home, but it is an area where you spend time with your family and friends.  Adding decors to your garden can make it look trendy and stylish.


Below is a guide to the kind of garden features you may want to consider:

Water Features

Water features look great in any garden.  They offer a natural and relaxing atmosphere.  There is something quite special about the sound of water trickling down a wall or flowing across a bed of rocks.  However, designing and constructing a water feature is not a relaxing task.  A landscape designer can help you design your water feature.  They will consider things like style, size and cost.  Most people choose to have water features situated close to their residence, they are a feature after all.  Whatever location you choose, it is important to consider how it will be powered.


Outdoor Furniture

Almost all gardens have some kind furniture outside.  Such furniture comes in numerous styles, patterns, colours and designs.  Ideally furniture should be selected to suit the style and size of the garden.  For example, patio furniture is used for many purposes such as outdoor dining.  There are many options with this kind of outdoor furniture such as parasols and infra-red heaters.  Whatever outdoor furniture you choose, ensure it will stand up to the elements such as rain and snow.  Alternatively, you may want to purchase special covers for your outdoor furniture.

Plants and Trees

You may want to consider some special plants are trees that act as a garden feature.  For example, one could plant Aspidistra. It is an ornamental plant that will enhance the elegance of your garden. The advantage of adding this species is drought-resistance, thus needing less maintenance then other plants. One can also add veggies to a garden area. Try to grow seasonal vegetables like carrot, lettuce, spinach, broccoli and peas.  You will be surprised how tasty fresh fruit and vegetables from a garden can be!


Outdoor Pools

A popular approach for improving the value and importance of your garden space is by installing a swimming pool. After going through an exhausting day, you surely need to refresh yourself and for this, having a garden pool at your house can be a best option.  A pool helps to improve the aura and ambience of your garden.  It is certainly the one of the best garden feature ideas.


If you are planning to installed a swimming pool then you may want to consider a patio with a rough surface to help prevent people slipping.


Lighting makes a property look good and well cared for.  Lighting your garden is crucial for home security, it helps deter intruders. Most burglars hide in dark places that are full of obstacles, which makes it hard for them to be seen. A well-lit garden makes all corners visible, and therefore there will be no possible place for burglars to hide, so they improve home security.


By placing garden lighting around features such as ponds, you can make your garden a safe place to move around in the dark as boundaries will be lit with beautiful lighting.


Garden Sculptures

There are many sculptures to choose from. On the one hand, you might opt for a statue of some sort, and there exists a lot of ideas here that are popular. For instance, you might decide to choose a modern Gnome or squirrel.  These types of sculptures could be considered traditional.  Then there’s the more modern sculptures such as a metallic art piece.  Usually sculptures are combined with other types of garden feature such as plants, gravel and water features.

Kitchen and BBQ areas

Usually people like to position kitchen and BBQ area’s close to the house on patio or decking.  You could either opt for a standard portable BBQ, or create your very own brick built BBQ or outdoor kitchen area.  Location of an outdoor cooking space is important due to health and safety reasons, especially if you have many gatherings or party’s.


We have covered some of the best garden feature ideas out there.  You may even attempt to create some.  However, while many of these suggestions may require you to spend loads of money, there are others that you can try on a far tighter budget. These different landscaping options, whether they are easy or complex, all have the same end in sight, and that is to make your garden look unique and pleasing to the eye.


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