Choosing the right garden patio




The Right Garden Patio

Choosing the Right Garden Patio


Choosing the right garden patio is an important step in garden design.  Garden patios can be very expensive, especially if you are paving a large area.  There is a variety of patio slabs available that differ in style, material, colour and price.  Choosing the right garden patio should be easy with the guide below.



Patio Material:

Choosing the right garden patio material is probably the most important step.  Your final decision should be based on your patios purpose and style.


Sandstone patios:

Are widely available in a huge colour range, they are also easy to install.  However, because they are queried they can be expensive and have colour variation.


Gravel patios:

Are cheap and easy to install.  However, they are sometimes unstable and not effective at suppressing weeds.


Slate patios:

Are very attractive and easy to shape.  However, they are susceptible to extreme moisture damage and expensive.

Granite patios:

Are extremely durable and in a wide range of colours.  However, they can be difficult to work with and very expensive.

Limestone patios:

Are easy to shape and evenly coloured.  However, there are few colour choices and expensive.


Patio application:

Some types of patios are suited to certain application.  For example, patios around a swimming pool or hot top should be textured to prevent slipping.  Sometimes patios are chosen because they simply have a natural look such as sandstone.  Be aware that most natural stones are porous, which can allow certain liquids to penetrate and discolour the slab.  Ensure porous stone are sealed if they are used for driveways.


Another thing to consider is the amount of foot traffic.  Hard wearing stones are more suitable for foot traffic or vehicle use.


Patio colour:

The colour of your patio must match its surrounding.  The best patios designs look very natural.


Patio location:

Choosing the right patio locations usually depends upon sunlight, a majority of people wanting maximum sunlight.   Patios can also be used for easy access to sheds or out buildings.


Patio shape:

Patios that have intricate shapes can make a garden look more interesting, but will probably add to the cost.  It is best to draw out different patio shapes to visualise how it would look in your garden.


Patio size:

A patio that is too large may be too dominate in your garden.  By having a patio that is too large, you may have no room for exciting features.  A patio that is too small can also be bad, especially if you host parties and gathering at your property.  Visit this Better Homes and Gardens blog to help you calculate the size of your patio.


Patio cost:

Your choice of patio will be influenced by cost.  Sometimes it is best to have an expensive patio, but a small patio area.  You could also use a combination of patio and slate gravel to cut costs.


The bottom line:

Unless you have plenty of money to burn, you will have to compromise between patio material and size.  These two factors effect cost the most.  It is important to consider all of the over, before choosing the right garden patio.


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