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Simple garden design

By Ross Construction Services Limited


If you have never designed your own garden, we think simple garden design is the way forward.  Believe it or not; most people will tell you that designing your own garden will be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. However, this is not always true! Not only designing your very own garden is a doable task, it also happens to be one of the most rewarding tasks you will ever encounter.  We believe our simple garden design tips could help you succeed.


So, why are so many people against designing their own garden? Well, it is mainly due to the fact that most people bite off more than they can chew, and with inadequate knowledge and tools they end up messing up their garden completely.


To make sure you do not make the same mistakes like most people, here is a simple garden design guide to help you transfer that boring space into something beautiful:

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Things to consider before your simple garden design

A professional with years of experience and knowledge can create a design in a minute just by looking at the plot, and turn it into reality in just 2 days. But as you are not a professional, it is advised that you come up with a simple garden design. When your design is based on what you know and what you can do, then it is for certain that you won’t land yourself in deep water mid-way. It is crucial that you plan out the task properly before venturing on. Here are just somethings which you need to keep in mind while coming up with the design:


List of things you want

First make a list of all things you want in your garden. Do you want potted plants? if so, where are you going to put them? If you want a greenhouse can you build it and most importantly can you maintain it thereafter? Which plants or trees you want to add to your garden? Jotting down simple garden design ideas like this will help you to understand which design is doable and which ones are not.


Theme or Style

The easiest way to come up with a great design will be maintaining a specific theme or style. Going with a certain theme simplifies the design, and every different element in the garden will complement each other without any effort.


Designing based on the plot

Each plot is different from one another. So, do not forget to consider this when coming up with your design. Let’s look into this point with an example. Suppose you saw on a gardening website a picture of some porch furniture placed below a huge tree. Even though it is a very simple garden design that can add that oomph to your garden; but before you plant the tree do not forget to consider facts like: will the tree shed leaves frequently, will the tree grow and block home’s windows, will the root damage your underground pipeline/gas line, will the tree grow and go over to your neighbor’s house and such others.


Now that you know have an idea about how you should design your garden, so let’s talk about some simple garden designing tips and ideas that will make your task easy:


Simple tips and ideas for designing your garden

If you want potted plants but lack the space to keep it, then consider planting different herbs in pots. In this way you can have small potted plants to keep which take less space, and also some fresh herbs for the kitchen.


Using and placing stones to easily create a lounging area is a great trick to use if you are not a pro in landscaping. There are many different options to pick from and all options come with different color options also. Adding a stoned ground will add to the beauty of the garden without much fuss.


Do incorporate mulch bed in your design instead of grass. Mulch happens to break down which will fertilize your plants saving your precious time, energy and money. Besides, mulch beds also prevent weeds which is of course advantageous. This is also why mulch beds are the best way to spring-proof your garden as the beds will make sure water is reached to the plants and not the weeds.


Artificial grass will be the best choice for you if you are a firm believer of zero to minimum upkeep when it comes to coming up with simple garden design. Besides, artificial grass will be perfect if you have pets as unlike real grass it cannot be dug up or tore up.


When designing your garden choose only climate-specific grass, native plants and low maintenance plants, trees and shrubs. This is because; they will go with the climate and will not cause any problem. You do not need to add special soil and other such things to keep them alive which will save a lot of time, and of course will simplify the designing and creating process of your garden. Besides, they are also very easy to maintain meaning your garden will look beautiful all year through with a bare minimum effort.


Inspiration for designing your garden

If you are ever stuck while design your garden, there are many ways you can overcome that. First of all, it is recommended that you take the help of different online forums, websites and social media accounts to get ideas. With so many different designs floating on the world wide web, finding something which you like and that you can incorporate in your design won’t be hard.


Besides, there are many books and classes which teaches you about designing and creating stuff related to gardening. Suppose you want to add a greenhouse but do not have the right knowledge on how to, then take help and learn how to do it. Here it is important to mention that you can only add something which is new to you in your design if you are absolutely sure that you can do it properly. It is advisable that you do not embark on a project which you are not certain about or if you do not have the right tools, equipment, man power and safety gears for it.


There you have it; a guide to ensure you can not only come up with simple garden design, but also turn your ideas into reality easily.


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