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How To Make Your Own Garden Bar


Ever wondered how to make your own garden bar? is so you have come to the right place!


We all want to have a classy place in one corner of our home premises to hang out with friends and colleagues. Especially for the guys, they really prefer a garden bar. This goes without saying that the ultimate feature of a man cave is a well-stocked bar. It is a wonderful idea to own a garden bar in your home to hang out with friends and also save a lot of expenses that are involved with visiting a bar every time.


The ultimate goal of building a garden bar is to prepare a convenient spot which can be converted into a watering hole that is away from noise and crowds. You will have the option of turning on the music of your choice or just prefer to switch it all off. A night out in a big city is really expensive and all those expenses can be cut down.  So, building a garden bar can be a very smart investment strategy. Now the question arises, how to make your own garden bar?

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Typical Features Of A Garden Bar

The standard height of a bar is 42 inches. The bar stools can be easily available in the market if you stick to the aforementioned height.


  • The overhang is suggested to be at least of 8 inches but it would be better if it is more. More height in the overhang ensures comfortable knee room.


  • The standard height of the bar stools is 30 inches tall but there are also stools available which are shorter or taller.


  • This is to be ensured that the bar top should be 16 to 20 inches which also include the molding.


  • The bar molding serves various critical purposes. It keeps spilled drinks from dribbling off the bar and your lap remains safe. The molding also provides a comfortable armrest and also makes your bar look very classy.


  • The drink rail is where the drinks usually get poured in a traditional bar. This can be incorporated in a garden bar as well although it is not a necessity.


  • A lower counter can be incorporated in the garden bar which serves as the best place to set bottles, slice lemons and also to install a bar sink. As this requires a lot of space, some of the garden bar builders tend to skip it.


  • The minimum recommended stool spacing is 2 feet but big guys may find it uncomfortable. So, the height of a bar stool should ideally 30 inches.



Planning For A Garden Bar

First of all it is very necessary to choose the right space to build your garden bar. Then you should ideally finalize on the kind of garden bar that you want to build. This would solely depend on the kind of aesthetics that you like. You may opt for a stone bar, steel bar or a bar with a granite top. You can also decide on the perfect bar moldings. There are several suppliers in the market who offer bar moldings. You may opt to purchase it from them.



The construction of a garden bar would require several necessary tools like miter saw, clamps, air compressor, air hose, cordless drill, caulk gun, framing square, level, orbit sander, jigsaw, wood glue, safety glasses, orbital sander etc. Along with the above, there are necessity for bar molding, construction adhesive, drywall screws, foam insulation, hardwood trim, wood base, stone or wood. You may shop for the materials as per the type of the garden bar that you have planned to build.



The decoration of the garden bar is of major significance. It should necessarily look good and classy. You should choose the right tap. There can be arrangements where beer can be flown from kegs kept in fridge. There are aesthetic looking bar taps that can be purchased from the market and then fitted in the garden bar. Also you may place a music system, the right and designer beer and wine glasses. You may also place a bong or a smoking area with good ashtray.


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