Low maintenance landscaping for home gardens




Low maintenance landscaping for home gardens

This article covers all aspects of low maintenance landscaping for gardens.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden? For many, being outside and watching plants grow and bloom is their favorite time of the day. Others, however, would like to have lovely landscaping but believe accomplishing such a multi-leveled and tedious task is beyond their abilities.  Luckily that frame of mind can be changed because in today’s world there are instructions, ideas, choices, and plants that make having a prize-winning landscape within anyone’s reach. You can have a yard that is a showpiece without facing onerous upkeep chores. Expert gardeners have a name for this kind of space, low maintenance landscaping, and you can become an expert gardener, too.


Low Maintenance Perennials

Perennials are plants that grow during a season and, most of the time, come back again the next season. Most gardeners think very highly of them because you get more “bang for your buck.”  Secondly, whatever type of plant you choose, make sure you understand the amount of sun and water the plant needs. This information comes with your purchase. If not, talk to your nursery guy or use the Internet to gather this information.  For a shady area, an exquisite perennial is the “Bleeding Heart” or Dicentra spectabilis. If you plant it in a moist area of your yard, it will bear fabulous pink hanging blooms and form attractive mounds.  You also need to be cognizant of the zone in which you live. Most plants these days also have that information on the instructions that come with it. You can research which garden region you live in online, as well.  Daylilies are another hardy plant that needs little fussing. This plant loves the sun, comes back every year, and has spectacularly beautiful flowers that come in an assortment of colors.


Cutting the Grass

Did you know that cutting the grass has become passé? There are grasses available now that do not need cutting. In fact, they don’t need watering, weeding, or worry of any kind. This grass germinates quickly and then never grows past roughly 9″. Even at that height, the blades bend in a way that makes the lawn look well-manicured without mowing.  Another method used by many master gardeners is landscaping with ground covers, rocks, gravel, bark chips, and the like. The addition of stone pathways, groupings of shrubbery, paved or cement patios, dry river beds, wildflowers, and terraces can diminish the amount of grass that is needed. You can probably landscape in a way that would require only a weed-cutter to keep the grass tidy.


Outdoor Living Areas

Your yard can be fabulously inviting if you add areas that can be used for entertaining, cooking, relaxing, and chatting. More living spaces outside means less outdoor plants and grass that need constant care.   So, if you already have a deck or patio, consider adding a gazebo or a covered area adjacent to the existing sitting areas. Everything your family does inside seems more fun when it takes place outside. And, of course, the low maintenance landscaping you introduce around these areas is going to go a long way toward that low maintenance landscaping you are hoping to achieve.


Low Maintenance Beds

The more planting beds you create, the better. Beds will house flowers and mulch with low-maintenance but a high pay-back. Mulch in the form of pine straw, dried leaves, bark, and wood chips insulate and enrich the soil and keep the weeds away which makes your gardening a little bit easier.  Another great idea is to use crushed stones as a cover in beds. They never need replacing, they look neat and handsome, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Raised beds are another option for low-maintenance care. Raised beds are simply growing areas that are built above the ground, removing the need for digging out the spots where you want to plant. Construct these beds with wood, purchased materials, stones or bricks; the choices are endless. Depending on the height of your raised beds, upkeep will be less of a strain since you cut down on the bending, kneeling, and getting off the ground.


Non-Fussy Flowers/Ornamental Plants

Wisely choosing your flowers is crucial to your low maintenance landscaping plan. Gardeners who are pros know which flowers need to be “babied” and which ones will grow no matter what is going on around them. Here’s a short list of these independent breeds:


· Black-Eyed Susan


· Hosta


· Coleus


· Coneflower


· Daffodil


· Daisy


· Geranium


· Impatiens


· Lantana


· Marigold


· Pansy


· Petunia


· Snap Dragon


· Zinnia


Preparation and Prevention

Sometimes the key to low maintenance landscaping is to look for ways to make growing as simple as possible. People enjoy being in their gardens, but they are always preparing and preventing, so their landscaping is successful.  These experts say the key to low maintenance landscaping is making sure the soil you are using has organic compost added. One additive some recommend is Sweet Peet. They emphasize that enriching your soil is paramount. The idea, they add, is to have a planting element that will allow the plants’ roots plenty of room to grow and find the water and food they need.  An effortless way to keep weeds out of your garden it to apply a weed preventative to your soil and then cover with two inches of whichever mulch you choose. A good water soluble fertilizer application about every three weeks of the growing season is a good practice.


Tall Grasses

If you want to avoid mowing every week, you might like to learn about native grasses that fare well in your planting zone. These grasses are decorative, and suited to low maintenance landscaping for your garden.


In the South, hardy grasses, such as the following, are abundant:


· Pampas Grass


· Feather Reed Grass


· Morning Light Miscanthus


The Northeast boasts these hardy grasses:


· Fountain Grass


· Japanese Blood Grass


· Liriope


The West is the home of:


· Prairie Blue Little Bluestem


· Western Wheat Grass


· Heirloom Lemon Grass


In the Northwest, there are:


· Silver Spike Grass


· Indian Rice Grass


· Blue Bunch Wheat Grass


Have fun with your garden. Low maintenance landscaping should increase the amount of happiness you experience in your life.


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